Thursday, 3 June 2010

Ste (Happy 40th Birthday Poem for my brother)

Ste (40th Birthday Poem)

40 years ago today
Steven Streat arrived
He had a shaky start in life
But managed to survive

Steven likes his football
A Leeds fan all his life
They’ve had their share of victory
And endless years of strife

Despite the relegations
Their poor performance too
You’ll always see our Steven
In yellow, white and blue

The bookies is his second home
He bets on every race
He doesn’t win that often
But it’s still his favourite place

He backs the horses, backs the dogs
Then stands there in the queue
Waiting for his winnings
With rich old Mr.Woo

He walks with Holly every day
Across the nearby mountain
And every night rewards himself
With Shona’s chocolate fountain

A pack of ‘’Flakes’’ sit in the fridge
A day past sell-by date
Waste not, want not, Ste don’t mind
He’ll eat the pack of eight.

It wasn’t many years ago
That Steven was a rake
But now he’s gone the other way
And gained a bit of weight.

We used to buy him small sized tops
Because he was so thin
But now we buy him XXL
And hope he squeezes in.

I've got to give it to you Ste
It's gone beyond a joke
You've had that abscess ten years now
It needs a dental poke!

‘’It needn’t be hell with Nicotinell’’
Unless Ste is your name
He sticks a patch on both his arms
And still puffs like a train....

Written by Marie and Becky x

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